First Time Buyers Guide

Eight easy steps to owning your dream property

If you’re interested in owning a property of your own, this walk-through will help guide you through the journey of purchasing your dream property.

Step 1: Choose Your Location

You can use our simple search tool to find the best property for your needs.

Find Your Dream Property

Step 2: Contact Us

Please get in touch with us. Contact our sales team at your preferred location so that we can help you find your dream property.
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Step 3: Select A Property

It’s time for you to decide on your dream. If you need help, our team are here with you and will be there for any questions you may have about choosing your dream property.

You may use our loan eligibility calculator to see your maximum affordable loan.

Step 4: Loan Enquiries

You may now contact our sales team for our bankers’ financing packages.

You can also use our mortgage calculator to see how much your monthly payments would be.

Step 5: Apply for Loan & Sign Letter of Offer

Once you have confirmed, we will arrange the application of bank loan for you, once bank approval obtained, you will need to sign the Letter
of Offer with bank.

Step 6: Sale and Purchase Agreement & Loan Agreement with Down payment

It’s time to sign the Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA) and Loan Agreement documents with down payment and legal fees.

Step 7: Progressive Payment to Bank/Developer

Once you have signed all the necessary documents, you will be issued a progressive billing according to the schedule in your sale and purchase agreement.

Step 8: Your Property is Ready

You can now take possession of your dream property.

Information, plans and drawings on this website are subject to change and shall not form part of an offer or contract. While attempts have been made to ensure accuracy, any discrepancies and/or errors are regretted.
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